Security and Limits

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When your app is remote code execution, you have to be a bit paranoid. To be upfront, here are the measures taken on the server.

  • all robot code is run in a chroot jail
  • all robot code is run as the user nobody
  • all robot code is run with umask set to 0
  • each Robot must take less than 2000ms to compile and initialize
  • the first act call of each turn is limited to 1500ms
  • each subsequent act call is limited to 300ms
  • the match will be forfeited if 3 or more errors (including timeouts) occur
  • the following modules are explicitly disabled: ctype, imp, inspect, multiprocessing, os, sys
  • additional modules that depend on disabled modules cannot be imported (e.g. code, logging, etc)

Please consider these things when you're coding your robots.