To test your robots beforehand, please download the latest rgkit from pip, or use the link on the Stats page (which is also the version of rgkit that the server uses). The rg module is part of that kit. is the latest version of the open source development kit with much more detailed information.

Python version: CPython 2.7.8

You can use pip install -U rgkit and run:


Or you can gunzip and untar it wherever you want and run:

python rgkit/rgkit/

and it will launch a game between and If you've only written one AI, you can just run it against itself. also takes optional parameters. Common ones are:

  • -H, --headless: runs without the UI (e.g. for A/B testing, etc.).
  • -c, --count <number>: specifies a number of games to run concurrently.

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